Cursory View on General Ogolla’s Death

Press Statement

Finally, the General Francis Ogolla has been buried. After the death and burial there is a need to put into perspective the following:

Death is both a tragedy and a lesson. Tragedy in a sense that such high profile individuals when hit by a sudden death is prone to speculations and anxiety where politicians take advantage in achieving their political goals hence with a possibility leading to chaotic or compromised situation. Indeed it is also a lesson to all, regardless of your position, rank, status and class death is inevitable reality.

Since we live in a liberal-secular society, death is viewed as an end in itself. Secularism compels Man to detach worldly life from death hence pushing him to drown in material world as only means of escapism. Contrary, Islam views death as not the end in itself rather there is life after death, that we will be accounted for every action we performed and will be either sent to Jannah (Paradise) or Jahannam (Hellfire) according to our deeds.

Regardless of the different views on General Ogolla’s death, it is necessary to put into the limelight there is a vacuum of trust and a rift in democratic leadership. Democracy in essence deprives political class of being trustworthy, just and independent from colonial influence and henchmen. Hence the death of General Ogolla and as of any other high rank political figures will always remain a speculation.

Since politics is an integral part of life, Islam has defined politics as an act of worship that guarantees whoever occupies a political office carries a great responsibility before Allah swt. Thus whenever such death occurs it will not be open to speculation that may lead to instability but rather task all state apparatus to come with clear statement on the matter.

The quick and swift appointment of an acting Chief of Defense Forces (CDF) has clearly indicated the paramount importance of leadership in any society. It is very unfortunate for Muslim Ummah over hundred years today without a leader! No wonder Muslims are vulnerable to all kinds of humiliation, oppression, injustices and killings within the Muslim countries and across the globe. The live example being Gaza today where the Jewish entity’s IDF commit genocide with impunity. By its urgency, the Muslim Ummah is obliged to work towards reestablishment of a political entity (Caliphate) that will guarantee security and justice to whole humankind.

Shabani Mwalimu
Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in Kenya