Demonstrations and the Resentments of the Gen Z

The demonstrations and the resentments of the Gen Z,are crystal clear, but obvious manifestations of the
utter failure of the two main creeds:
1) Secularism
The threshold upon which the diabolic idea of separation of Allah Swt commands from politics. This
creed, is the cornerstone upon which the heinous capitalist ideology & its ruling system viz democracy is
built. It mandates man to legislate despite being innately fallible & inundated with so many shortcomings
such as:

  • Avarice
  • Incomprehensible and myopic thought & attitude
  • Complete dependency on man’s limited ability rather depending on the absolute power and guidance
    from Allah.

All these and many others, come as a contrivance of man indulging upon himself the right to legislate,
robbing Allah Swt of His right.

2) The belief of the Church Which from the inception is the major if not main contributor to the
emergency of the vicious Capitalist Ideology.

Today as did happen before, its weakness and remisses unfold. The politicians in Kenya, tend to greatly mingle with the church leadership to seek votes for themselves. The church, despite its slack belief to disassociate itself with politics, it’s on the forefront to campaign for the politicians.
A replica of precisely what was before the French Revolution 1789,where the blemishes and flaws of the
church teachings, miserably failed to guide and admonish the so called temporal leaders, is currently
When the colonial masters invaded Africa, they came carrying a gun on one hand and; the Bible on the other.
Many of the missionaries, were but spies masquerading as religious men. To the extent, its widely known
and said, where the cross(missionaries) went, the flag(colonialists) followed.
The blemishes of the church gave rise to the feracious and savage Capitalist ideology with its ruling system
The current failure of the church and the capitalist ideology, catapults to the inevitable emergency of
Islam as a permanent remedy for of the rot begotten by the two creeds and beliefs.
Sooner or later, It is imminent. As a contrivance of the stark failure of the infidel ideology and belief to
solve man’s problems.

What’s your contribution oh Muslims to enhance this and guide Allah’s(Swt) creature to perceive the light of guidance?!


Written By Hussein Muhammad

Member Of Hizb ut Tahrir,