Incitements and Tribal Instigations the Norm of a Failed System of Democracy

Press Release

The Meru Senator Mithika Linturi is facing charges of allegedly inciting the public to violence during Deputy President William Ruto’s rally in Eldoret. Elsewhere, the Director of Public Prosecution requested the Inspector General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai, to probe the Legislator at the Kisii County Richard Onyoka over statements he made during a political rally. According to reports, he was arrested over remarks flagged as bordering hate speech and incitement to violence. Both incidents are the latest political incitement which is now becoming a norm in Kenya’s political arena.

Seven months to the general election, the political mood in the country already is marred with tensions and incitements in the political class. Political leaders sacrifice for political, economic, and social interest to be secured via regional and tribal bargaining powers which serve as tools for political gains and achievements. Since this is the reality, it is no surprise to witness incitements, inflammatory statement and tribal instigations in all political spectrum.

Since Democracy is a ‘majority win’ based politics consequently creating and compelling its politicians to formulate both tribal and regional blocks that will pocket majority votes. This being the key denominator of the race to the top political seat in the land. In principle, the secular creed criteria for any political action is fundamentally based on benefit and interest as the saying goes: “No permanent Enemy nor Permanent Friend but Permanent Interest.” This indeed leads to the emergence of new political marriages in every cycle of election with only one aim of winning election and not serving the generations.

We would like to state explicitly that Democratic political framework as the current ruling system globally has failed to transition peacefully from one regime to the other. Furthermore, it has created fear among the general population as witnessed not only in Kenya but in so- called advanced Democracies like the US. For example, the Biden vs. Trump political tussle which indeed turned chaotic with Trump’s followers invading the Capitol Hill. Political betrayal has been one of the characteristics of Democracy upon which the interest is a circumstantial.

Islam has unique ruling system which is based on the philosophy of mixing spirituality and political actions. In essence, political undertaking is geared towards achieving the pleasure of Allah (swt). Eventually, the consciousness of Allah instills the individual with responsibility and accountability since the ideal endeavored to achieve is to succeed in the contemporary world and hereafter. Based on this philosophy, Islam produced prolific politicians who possessed strong policies to political, economic and social prosperity as witnessed in the past thirteen centuries during the Khilafah (Caliphate) rule.


Shabani Mwalimu

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir

in Kenya