Kenyans Wake Up

Once again Kenya, the colonial farm, is in chaos and turmoil because the democratic guesswork has gone 360 degrees cycle! Those in echelons of power and those in the streets protesting are trading accusations, the bone of contention is alleged to be on the Finance Bill 2024 based on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) guidelines (Business Daily, 28 June 2024)! The Bill is proposing tax-raising measures that are said to be punitive and plunging the citizens in further abject poverty! Despite Kenyan President Ruto’s writing to the parliament to withdraw it, nothing seems to pacify the citizens to quit the streets.
          The truth is just that the Bill was just a Pandora’s box. It has exposed the catastrophic failure of Western secular capitalist economic system not only in Kenya and Africa as a whole but even in the Western capitals since its basis is that of exploiting and plundering local resources and impoverishing the masses at the behest of the top brass capitalists. Everything and everyone is subservient to the Western colonial masters’ interests. Hence, all presidents or rulers serve as colonial farm managers, and their cabinets or councils are assistants! The rest of the citizens are workers in the farms! No wonder, here in Kenya since the ‘false flag independence’ in 1963, we are still recycling Western drafted laws and policies in order to run the farm!
         The primary issue and solution is not RESIGNATION of the Kenyan government and replacing it with another. Anything resembling that will be cosmetic change with the same outcome as currently being witnessed. The most radical alternative is to replace completely the Western secular capitalist ideology and its systems whose implementation is wreaking havoc across the world to-date. It should be replaced by an ideology emanating from the Creator of the universe, man and life i.e. Allah (swt) not Jesus, the prophet of Allah (swt).
          Let me offer an analogy; all of us agree that for a motorcycle to start we need petrol. However, if we proceed and put in either water or diesel and expect the motorcycle to start, it will grind to a halt and you will be presumed to be crazy. Aren’t we not crazy to engage in democratic circus while the Creator of the universe, man and life has clear commandments on how we should conduct our affairs on this transient life?! The only viable option is to cut the roots of secular capitalist ideology and its systems and instead we join the call for the implementation of the Islamic system as championed by the Global Islamic political party of Hizb ut Tahrir. The Islamic ideology and its systems offer solace to all and sundry irrespective of their religious and economic background. It is the only solution and the rest are nothing but purely results of man’s limited mind for instance capitalism, communism and socialism.
          Let us say enough of democratic guesswork and perpetual circus of misery, killings, impoverishment and despair of humanity and plundering of their resources by a few thugs! Let us wake up and take action by doing away with the Western colonialists and their evil ideology and its systems!

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Ali Nassoro (Abu Taqiuddin)
Member of the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir