The Lynching of Girls is a Consequence of the Capitalist Ideology that Prefers Desire and Indulgence in Temporal Luxury

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



The murders of two Kenyan women last month are spotlighting a worrying regularity in gender-based violence in the East African country, with activists calling for more government measures to protect women. Rita Wean, a 20-year-old student was killed and dismembered in a short let apartment in the capital Nairobi on January 14. Days before, a popular Instagram figure, Starlet Wahu, 26, was found dead in an Airbnb room, bleeding out from a fatal stab wound inflicted by a man she met online.


In 2022, there were 46 total femicide deaths recorded in Kenya, according to health data provider Africa Data Hub. In 2023, the number of femicides in the country rose to at least 75. “That is, every second day, a woman has been brutalized and killed because of her identity,” said Amnesty International Kenya.

Whenever the colonial capitalist ideology and its democratic ruling system continues to thrive, its odious consequence continues to emerge in all spheres of life. This neo-colonial ideology, is the axis of the surge in penury, inflation, high living standards, corruption as well as embezzlement.

All these problems, have definitely contributed in having a society that adversely ails from mental disorders like depression. Above all, there’s an unprecedented escalation of ravishment and ferocious murder between couples that has culminated a scary state. It’s only recently that we have been witnessing vicious acts of frisky murders of young girls in airbnbs.

Girls who are believed to have disappeared in mysterious circumstances from universities.

These savage and predatory murders, led to the discovery of brutally mutilated and butchered female bodies by villains who are believed to have lured them with money, luxury then raped them and eventually lynched them. After killing them, then they tend to flee from the scene in an endeavor to shun apprehension and arraignment in court.

Those girls, were expected to be in universities studying, have been turned into easy prey by being enticed by luxurious life and allure.

Hence the criminals who murder them, capitalize on what the girls lack: money and luxury to manipulate them. This is a crystal clear indication that the capitalist ideology and its democratic ruling system that, apart from failing to eliminate poverty, it’s being used as a conveyor belt to coax young girls and women in general and turn them into sexual toys only for sensual gratification. The avidity for money, is being exploited as a fallacious promise to an easy way to affluence to young girls to break free from fathomless bottom of penury which contributes to their failure to pay tuition fees inasmuch as taking care if their beloved ones back at home. Penury has become a trap for malice and crime.
Islam only, as a complete way of life, has the innate permanent solution on these grisly occurrences.

Firstly, Islam has laid out a nice system in life, inasmuch as an education system that yields people with a unique personality which is adhesive to the presence of Allah (swt), hence curbs anyone to indulge into immorality. In this sense, the act of sexual intercourse, is not only regarded as a means of sensual gratification, as is the norm with the capitalist democratic system; however, its main objective is to procreate thus guarantying the continuity of man’s progeny, inasmuch as to bring biological links between two different families.

Secondly, the responsibilities between man and woman have been sublimely stipulated; each incurring what they deserve according to their stand in society. All that guarantees three major factors:

1) PIETY. The first defense that protects from indulging in any unduly intimacy or crime and malice.

2) The communal responsibility of reminding of one another of what’s good and forbidding what’s wrong.

3) State Action. The government is the strong tool that prevents evils through creating a good environment and implementing penal codes to all criminals. Consequently, under the shade of Islamic Caliphate that will rise very soon, all vices will be thrown into oblivion hence the women will be protected from all forms of brutality.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Hussein Muhammad Hussein – Kenya