The Ruling On LGBTIQ+ is a Manifestation of Secular Creed and Democratic Political Framework

Press Release

         Kenya’s Supreme Court has ruled the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community has a right to association. The judgment now means therefusal by the NGOs Co-ordination Board to register the lobby group is a violation of human rights based on sexual orientation. In a divided judgment, the apex court, held that the  country’s law – Section 162 of the Penal Code – that prohibits “unnatural offences” (defined as having carnal knowledge with any man, woman or animal against the order of nature) are binding.

         Hizb ut Tahrir / Kenya wishes to mention the following:
Kenya being a secular state the Judgment is not a surprise at all, since secularism– a Western creed that believes in separation of state and religion hence assigning to man personal freedom that is molded by whims and desires. In this regard, gratification of physical pleasures precedes the moral objectives, thus the sole criteria is not good or evil rather attaining maximum sexual desires. 

         The anchoring and the protection of LGBTIQ+ “community” is only a part of a broader campaign being waged by major Western powers that have already legalized homosexuality and apparently enshrined in their foreign policies objectives. This manifests in the impositions of granting the LGBTIQ+ rights and financial aid to third world countries. In addition to this. Legal assurance and propaganda is being carried out in all layers of society to normalize LGBTIQ+ among Kenyan society. This ruling comes barely two months after the killing of LGBTQ+ activist which caused an uproar among the political leaders as well as Western counterparts who acted in full force in pursuance of the killers under the banner of defending “sexual minorities.” Ironically the lives of many Kenyans are lost on daily basis with no concern of full force by the state security apparatus nor western capitalists!

         As the world witness the moral decadence imposed by evil Western values, it is of a great concern of all people of intellect to foresee more immoralities to be adopted in the near future. The time has come to break from the subservience to western ideology and all forms of evils. Humankind must turn to the divine ideology (Islam)
which will elevate man to the highest status, protect the family, nurture objective values and guarantee success in this world and Hereafter


 Shabani Mwalimu

Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir

in Kenya