The Prophet’s (saw) Methodology for Revival


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Circle 15: The Prophet’s (saw) introduction of himself to Banu Shaiban

In this Circle, we will talk about the Prophet’s (saw) Introduction of Himself to Banu Shaiban.

Indeed, the Prophet’s (saw) introduction of himself to tribes to seek for their defense and protection so that he is able to propagate the message of his Lord, is a command from his Lord, and is a vital part which cannot be detached from the Shari’ah method of establishing the Islamic State.

And that is not the opinion of the Prophet (saw) rather it is a command from Allah organized by the Shari’ah and revealed by Wahyi from Allah (swt), thus it is a Shari’ah rule which must be adhered to the same way the Prophet (saw) adhered to.

Extracted by Abu Naim from ibn Abbas (ra), from Ali bin Abi Talib (ra) said: When Allah ordered His Messenger (saw) to introduce himself to Arab tribes, he went out together with me and Abu Bakr (ra) until we reached Mina, we arrived at the gathering of Arabs and Abu Bakr (ra) advanced and offered greetings, and Abu Bakr (ra) always used to advance, he was a man of kinship he said: What people are you? They said: We are from Rabi’ah, he said: You are from which Rabi’ah? He narrated the long Hadith and in it, he said: Then I reached at a peaceful gathering, Abu Bakr (ra) advanced and offered greetings, Ali (ra) said: And he always used to advance, Abu Bakr asked them: What people are you? They replied: We are from Banu Shaiban bin Tha’labah, he turned to the Prophet (saw) and said: by my father and mother and you (oath) there are no people full of glory than these…!

And among the people were Hanii bin Qusayyi, and Muthanna bin Harithah, and Mafruq bin Amr, and Nu’man bin Sharik, he mentioned the long Hadith until he said: The Messenger (saw) said: “I call you to the Shahada that you bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah who has no associates, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and you offer me shelter, defence and protection until I am able to accomplish what Allah (swt) ordered me to.” Indeed the Quraysh rejected the command of Allah, defied His Messenger, and were contented with their falsehood instead of the Truth, and Allah is the Most Self-sufficient and Praise-worthy. They said: we have a covenant with the Chosroes, that we should neither talk to a stranger nor welcome him, and it could be that this is one of the matters that offend the kings…! If you want us to defend you from the Arabs, we will.  

The Messenger (saw) said: “Your reply was not bad when you spoke the truth…! By Allah no one can establish the Deen of Allah except he who is able to roam all over.”

It is not allowed to study the future through the reality, which the Da’wah carriers live in.

Then the Messenger (saw) told Banu Shaiban: “How about if within a very short period of time Allah blesses you with conquests of their cities and properties, and give you access to their daughters, will you invoke and sanctify Allah?!”

Nu’man bin Sharik told the Prophet “Indeed that belongs to you oh brother from the Quraysh…!” Then the Messenger (saw) recited:

وَدَاعِياً إِلىَ اللهِ بِإِذْنِهِ وَسِرَاجاً مُّنِيْراً

“And a caller to Allah by His permission, and a light that glows” [Al-Ahzaab: 46].

Then the Messenger (saw) stood up while holding Abu Bakr’s (ra) hand…!

In this noble Hadith, the Messenger (saw) is teaching us and the Da’wah carriers a very important lesson, i.e., it is not allowed to study the future via the reality which the Da’wah carriers live in. Regardless of how big the forces of falsehood are they cannot turn them away from uprooting and wiping it completely…! And despite how big the forces of falsehood are its their end is to collapse…! It is not for the Da’wah carriers except to increase their confidence in the victory (Nusrah) of Allah, and wait patiently for the arrival of the promise of Allah…!


It will continue in UQAB Issue 19… In Shaa Allah.